Factory Improvements

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Factory improvement design by Mechanical Draughtsmen - Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Production Improvements

  • improvements
  • rerouting of lines
  • joining and combining processes
Product improvement - rerouting of lines, joining and combining processes - design by Mechanical Draughtsmen
Platform design by Mechanical Design Engineers


  • equipment siting
  • access
  • stairways
  • ladders
Drawing design of platforms - equipment siting, access, stairways, ladders...
Factory layout improvements


  • Machinery & plant locations
  • factory relocations
Factory layout improvement design - machinery & plant, locations, factory relocations - designed by Mechanical Design Engineers



Mechanical Design Engineers, designing feeders, platforms, pick & place machines, special purpose machines, ergonomics, feasibility studies, jigs & fixtures, tooling, factory layouts, fabric conveyors, modular conveyors, elevating conveyors and special conveyors!