Handling Machines

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Mechanical design of converyor belts - modular, rollers, elevating, flighted, bends, telescopic and swan neck.


  • belt
  • modular
  • roller
  • elevating
  • flighted
  • bends
  • telescopic
  • swan neck
Conveyor belt design using CAD Draughting software by Mechanical design engineers, based in Yorkshire
Design of Pick & place machinery - 2 axis, 3 axis, gantry, rotary and pneumatic.

Pick & Place

  • 2 axis
  • 3 axis
  • gantry
  • rotary
  • pneumatic
Pick and place machinery from design to solution!
Feeders and buffers - bowl, gating, hopper and gravity

Feeders & Buffers

  • bowl
  • gating
  • hopper
  • gravity
Feeder and buffer design by mechanical design engineers, South Yorkshire



Mechanical Design Engineers, designing feeders, platforms, pick & place machines, special purpose machines, ergonomics, feasibility studies, jigs & fixtures, tooling, factory layouts, fabric conveyors, modular conveyors, elevating conveyors and special conveyors!