Special Purpose Machines

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Design of Special purpose machinery - Abacus Design, Barnsley, South Yorkshire


  • pressing station
  • shrink fit
  • packing table
Semi-automatic pressing stations, shrink fit, packing table mechanical design - Yorkshire
Design of fully automatic special purpose machinery

Fully Automatic

  • hardening & brazing machines
  • buffers & storage forming
  • filing
Fully automatic special purpose machinery - hardening & brazing, machines, buffers & storage forming, filing...
Heavy engineering machinery design using CAD software - Barnsley, Yorkshire

Heavy Engineering

  • Oil field equipment
  • Large fabricated structures
  • Flue treatment works
Heavy engineering design - oil field equipment, large fabricated structures, flue treatment works
Jugs & Fixtures

Jigs & Fixtures

  • checking
  • gauging
  • sizing
Jigs and fixtures



Mechanical Design Engineers, designing feeders, platforms, pick & place machines, special purpose machines, ergonomics, feasibility studies, jigs & fixtures, tooling, factory layouts, fabric conveyors, modular conveyors, elevating conveyors and special conveyors!